Fine Italian Bed, Bath and Table Linens
Since 1987
For more than 25 years Cittadini is specialized in high end luxury
linens. Our product is made in the region of Florence, Italy. Only there
we find the craftsmanship that is required for our high standards. Very
detail oriented work goes into our linens and many specialists are
required to finish one set of sheets. We offer many different styles of
embroidery on sheets and towels. This allows us to help you design
unique pieces for your bed and bathroom as well as exclusive table
linens. We offer you the possibility to individualize as little as one
pillow sham. No one else offers this flexibility to make your bedroom

Cittadini was founded with the idea to combine old world artistic Italian
craftsmanship with toady's interior design.

Make your bedroom all you wish it to be....
The bed is a place of mystery. It
shares our secrets and knows our
truths. It is here that we are born. As
our lives unfold and we grow older,
our relationship with the bed deepens
and evolves. Significant thresholds of
experience are crossed here—we
encounter the solitude of childhood,
embrace the passionate dreams of
youth, and mature into the
comfortable realities of love and
marriage. The bed accompanies us
throughout life, most of us spend an
average of twelve hours a day in our
bedrooms. It should be beautiful,  a
private sanctuary. It should suit you.
We're told we spend one-third of our
lives in bed. It's important to
concentrate on making your bedroom
all you wish it to be.